VV341 - The Valley of Fear
The BBC Presented - Carleton Hobbs as Sherlock Holmes & Norman Shelley as Dr John H Watson
BBC Radio Collection
Code Title BBC Audio Collection Ref
C20651 The Red-Headed League Sherlock Holmes 1-ISBN 0-563-22751-8
C20634 The Speckled Band Sherlock Holmes 1-ISBN 0-563-22751-8
C20630 Charles Augustus Milverton Sherlock Holmes 1-ISBN 0-563-22751-8
C20654 A Scandal in Bohemia Sherlock Holmes 1-ISBN 0-563-22751-8
C20631 The Blue Carbuncle Sherlock Holmes 2-ISBN 0-563-22703-6
C20635 Silver Blaze Sherlock Holmes 2-ISBN 0-563-22703-6
C20627 The Empty House Sherlock Holmes 2-ISBN 0-563-22703-6
C20662 The Final Problem Sherlock Holmes 2-ISBN 0-563-22703-6
C20636 The Musgrave Ritual Sherlock Holmes 3-ZBBC1123
C20663 The Dancing Men Sherlock Holmes 3-ZBBC1123
C20625 Black Peter Sherlock Holmes 3-ZBBC1123
C20647 The Bruce-Partington Plans Sherlock Holmes 3-ZBBC1123
These tapes are no longer available, and I suspect that they will not be released again
as the full canon starring Clive Merrison & Michael Williams has been released by the
BBC Radio Collection.
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