VV341 - The Valley of Fear
Barry Foster & David Buck (1978)
A BBC full dramatisation - starring Barry Foster as Sherlock Holmes & David Buck as Dr John H Watson.
The music used at the beginning and end of each program was Saint-SaŽns's "Danse Macabre,"
recorded by James Davies. (The same music was used recently for the "Jonathan Creek" BBC-TV Series).
13 Episodes were recorded at the BBC's Birmingham Studio's in Stereo, as follows:-
Ref Title Date Programme Series
C20684 The Red-Headed League 04-Jun-78 BBC Radio 4 (No. 1)
C20685 The Musgrave Ritual 11-Jun-78 BBC Radio 4 (No. 2)
C20686 Silver Blaze 18-Jun-78 BBC Radio 4 (No. 3)
C20687 The Naval Treaty 25-Jun-78 BBC Radio 4 (No. 4)
C20688 The Priory School 02-Jul-78 BBC Radio 4 (No. 5)
C20689 Charles Augustus Milverton 09-Jul-78 BBC Radio 4 (No. 6)
C20690 The Copper Beeches 16-Jul-78 BBC Radio 4 (No. 7)
C20691 The Blue Carbuncle 23-Jul-78 BBC Radio 4 (No. 8)
C20692 The Reigate Squires 30-Jul-78 BBC Radio 4 (No. 9)
C20693 The Solitary Cyclist 06-Aug-78 BBC Radio 4 (No. 10)
C20694 The Six Napoleons 13-Aug-78 BBC Radio 4 (No. 11)
C20695 The Abbey Grange 20-Aug-78 BBC Radio 4 (No. 12)
C20696 The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax 27-Aug-78 BBC Radio 4 (No. 13)
I have found a recording of all 13 episodes.
(Those highlighted in BOLD RED are in full STEREO.)
I do have a recording of "The Red Headed League", but it is of poor quality
I would like to find a good recording of "The Red Headed League"
I would also like to find quality STEREO recordings of the stories above not highlighted in RED
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