VV341 The Valley of Fear
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
US Radio Broadcasts
ABC - Sponsored by Petri Wine
Starring Ben Wright as Sherlock Holmes &
Eric Snowden as Dr John H Watson
Producer:  Ted Bliss
Director:  Ken Manson
Announcer:  Herb Allen
Writer:  Denis Green
Organist:  Dean Fossler
Ben Wright & Eric Snowden performed 39 Episodes together.
It would appear that none were canonical, although many of the show titles are unknown.
No recordings have been found to date.
Ben Wright and Eric Snowden, both of whom had performed in other roles from time to time in earlier programmes. Ben Wright played Holmes and Eric Snowden was his Watson. Both were seasoned radio actors. In fact, Ben Wright played Watson on May 20, 1946, when Nigel Bruce was ill and Holmes on March 10, 1947 when Tom Conway was ill.
This season again saw many changes, besides those of the main roles. From September 21, 1949 to January 18, 1950, the shows could be heard on WJZ, New York on Wednesdays from 8:30 - 8:55pm. From January 25, 1950 to the end of the season, the remainder of the 39 shows were repeated on Wednesdays, but from 9:00 - 9:25pm. 
Ben Wright, who passed away in July 1989 - was born in London on May 5th, 1915, where he began his stage career in 1934. A graduate of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, he appeared in many West End productions before relocating to Hollywood in 1946. He worked steadily in radio, film and television. His film credits include "The Sound of Music," in which he was Herr Zeller, "Judgment at Nuremberg," "Witness for the Prosecution," "Mutiny on the Bounty," "My Fair Lady" and "Topaz." His television credits include guest appearances on literally hundreds of episodic TV shows and mini-series.
Wright came out of semi-retirement to take on the role of Grimsby in "The Little Mermaid." The producers hired him without knowing he had worked on any previous Disney animated features, he provided the voice of Roger, Pongo's human, in the classic "101 Dalmatians." Later, he was the voice of a wolf in "The Jungle Book" (1967). He also narrated several other animated and live-action films for the studio.
Ref Title Date
C10901 Title not known 21-Sep-1949
C10902 Title not known 28-Sep-1949
C10903 Title not known 05-Oct-1949
C10904 Title not known 12-Oct-1949
C10905 Murder By Appointment 19-Oct-1949
C10906 Title not known (Holmes solves the slaying of an actor) 26-Oct-1949
C10907 Title not known 02-Nov-1949
C10908 Title not known (Holmes is called in when a dead man and 5,000 in gold disappears) 09-Nov-1949
C10909 Title not known 16-Nov-1949
C10910 Title not known (Holmes solves a love triangle.) 23-Nov-1949
C10911 Title not known (Holmes meets a poetess and an escaped convict) 30-Nov-1949
C10912 Title not known (Holmes investigates the death of a writer.) 07-Dec-1949
C10913 Title not known (Holmes is on the trail of a missing statuette) 14-Dec-1949
C10914 Title not known (Holmes solves a christmas mystery.) 21-Dec-1949
C10915 The Case of the Bandaged Bridegroom 28-Dec-1949
C10916 The Case of the Unholy Three 04-Jan-1950
C10917 Title not known 11-Jan-1950
C10918 Title not known 18-Jan-1950
C10919 The Case of the Interupted Voyage 25-Jan-1950
C10920 The Case of the Frightened Matriarch 01-Feb-1950
C10921 The Tanbark Trail 08-Feb-1950
C10922 The Case of the Sentimental Monarch 15-Feb-1950
C10923 The Singular Affair of the Restless Corpse 22-Feb-1950
C10924 Death in the Limelight 01-Mar-1950
C10925 The Case of the Second Doctor 08-Mar-1950
C10926 The Case of the Blue Hydraneas 15-Mar-1950
C10927 The Duke of Hollywell 22-Mar-1950
C10928 Design for Dying 29-Mar-1950
C10929 The Human Tiger 05-Apr-1950
C10930 Title not known (Sherlock Holmes as Cupid) 12-Apr-1950
C10931 Death in the Slipstream 19-Apr-1950
C10932 The Turkish Bath 26-Apr-1950
C10933 The Magic Carpet 03-May-1950
C10934 Title not known (a sea adventure) 10-May-1950
C10935 The Importance of the Press 17-May-1950
C10936 The Phoenix of Barnes Common 24-May-1950
C10937 Command Performance 31-May-1950
C10938 Title not known 07-Jun-1950
C10939 Title not known 14-Jun-1950