VV341 - The Valley of Fear
 Radio Episode Details
 Sherlock Holmes
 by Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle
 Episode No. C20563  
 Episode The Boscombe Valley Mystery  
 Broadcast Date 03 Jul 1943  
 Series BBC Home Service - Saturday-Night Theatre  
 Producer Howard Rose  
 Adapter Ashley Sampson  
 Cast Arthur Wontner (Sherlock Holmes)  
  Carleton Hobbs (Dr. Watson)  
  Foster Carlin (Cab-Driver)  
  Ronald Kerr (Charles McCarthy)  
  Alan Blair (James McCarthy)  
  Juliet Mansel (Mrs. Moran)  
  Lucille Lisle (Patience)  
  Arthur Ridley (Coroner)  
  Arthur Bush (Inspector Lestrade)  
  Moira Lister (Miss Turner)  
  Deryck Guyler (John Turner)  
 Known Recordings No known recordings  
 This was the second British Radio Broadcast of a Sherlock Holmes story
 It starred Carleton Hobbs as Watson - Carleton Hobbs went on to become 
 Sherlock Holmes opposite Norman Shelley's Dr Watosn in 77 recordings.