VV341 - The Valley of Fear
 Radio Episode Details
 Sherlock Holmes
 by Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle
 Episode No. C20566  
 Episode The Speckled Band  
 Broadcast Date 27 Dec 1948  
 Series BBC Home Service  
 Producer David H Godfrey  
 Adapter John Dickson Carr  
 Cast Howard Marion-Crawford (Sherlock Holmes)  
  Finlay Currie (Dr. Watson)  
  Grizelda Hervey (Helen Stoner)  
  Olive Gregg (Julia Stoner)  
  Francis de Wolff (Dr. Roylott)  
  Susan Richards (Mrs. Hudson)  
 Known Recordings No Known Recording  
 This was the fifth British Radio Broadcast of a Sherlock Holmes story
 Finlay Currie played Dr Watson for the second time and in the same story.