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   Radio Episode Details  
   Sherlock Holmes  
   by Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle  
   Episode No. C20614        
   Episode The Copper Beeches      
   Broadcast Date 11 Aug 1959      
   Series BBC Thirty Minute Theatre 1959 (No.4)      
   Producer Frederick Bradnum      
   Adapter Michael Hardwick.      
   Cast Carleton Hobbs (Sherlock Holmes)      
    Norman Shelley (Dr. Watson)      
     Hilda Schroder (Violet Hunter)      
     Eva Stuart (Miss Stoper and Mrs. Rucastle)      
     Frederick Treves (Mr. Rucastle)      
     Fanny Carby (Mrs. Toller).        
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   Radio Showcase Ref: MC-648-1      
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