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   Radio Episode Details  
   Sherlock Holmes  
   by Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle  
   Episode No. C20696        
   Episode The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax      
   Broadcast Date 27 Aug 1978      
   Series BBC Radio 4 (No. 13)        
   Producer  Roger Pine      
   Director  Roger Pine      
   Adapter  Michael Bakewell.      
   Cast Barry Foster (Sherlock Holmes)        
    David Buck (Dr. Watson)      
     Brian Blessed (The Hon. Philip Green)      
     Harold Kasket (German Hotelier)      
     Bruce Beeby (Holy Peters)      
     Joy Stewart (Mrs. Peters)        
     George Woolley (Mrs Timmins)      
     Roger Hume (Vibart)      
     Jean Rogers (Wilkins)      
     Valerie Kirkbright (Helen Stoner)      
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