VV341 - The Valley of Fear
BBC Radio Presented
Carleton Hobbs as Sherlock Holmes
Norman Shelley as Dr John H Watson
The BBC recorded 77 stories from the Sherlock Holmes canon starring Hobbs & Shelley.
These include many repeated stories. The repeats where performed by a different cast.
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote 60 Sherlock Holmes stories, including 4 novel length
episodes. Of these Carleton Hobbs & Norman Shelley worked together on 56 stories.
The four stories not performed by Carleton Hobbs & Norman Shelley were:-
The Yellow Face
The Gloria Scott
The Creeping Man
The Veiled Lodger
Story Index - Listing in original publication order
Broadcast Index - Listing in original broadcast order
The stories recorded by Carleton Hobbs & Norman Shelley were created in two main
The first was from 1952 to 1957, when the recordings were made for BBC Children's Hour.
As yet I have not found a single recording of any of these productions.
These total 18 stories. Of these only "The Three Students" was not re-performed later.
The Naval Treaty 15 Oct 1952
The Five Orange Pips 12 Nov 1952
The Blue Carbuncle 10 Dec 1952
The Red-Headed League 07 Jan 1953
The Three Students 04 Feb 1953
The Norwood Builder 07 Oct 1954
The Bruce-Partington Plans 04 Nov 1954
The Mazarin Stone 02 Dec 1954
The Missing Three-Quarter 06 Jan 1955
The Copper Beeches 03 Feb 1955
The Final Problem 03 Mar 1955
The Naval Treaty 11 Oct 1957
The Five Orange Pips 18 Oct 1957
The Blue Carbuncle 25 Oct 1957
The Red-Headed League 01 Nov 1957
The Three Students 08 Nov 1957
The Final Problem 15 Nov 1957
The Hound of the Baskervilles 06 Apr 1957
The second batch spans from 1959 to 1969 and were produced for the adult listener.
Of these I have managed to locate 53 stories. Leaving another 6 stories to be found, but
one of these had been performed before, and therefore may be a duplicate.
The missing stories are:-
The Cardboard Box 19 Apr 1960 No Other Recording Made
The Illustrious Client 31 May 1960 No Other Recording Made
Thor Bridge 01 Jan 1962 No Other Recording Made
The Mazarin Stone 14 Aug 1964 Possible Repeat of 1962 version
A Case of Identity 26 Jun 1969 No Other Recording Made
HB Collection
This is my own collection. I have 18 stories recorded including 2 long stories.
These were recorded in New Zealand around 1974. All recordings are of excellent
quality with only a couple of minor disturbances throughout all 18 stories.
BBC Audio Collection
The BBC released 12 stories on 3 double cassettes in the late 1980's. No more
were released as the Clive Merrison & Michael Williams recordings began.
These recordings are obviously of the highest quality, although the atmospheric
music was not included.
Radio Showcase
Web-Page http://www.radio-showcase.com/
Professional Old Time Radio Recordings. Recorded in USA, they have 49 stories
covered and most recordings are of an excellent standard.
Jerry Haendiges - Vintage Radio Logs
Web-Page http://otrsite.com/logs/logs1041.htm
Professional Old Time Radio Recordings. Recorded in USA, they have 29 stories
covered and most recordings are supposed to be of an excellent standard.
As yet I haven't received a copy to verify the quality.
The Sherlock Holmes Society of London
Web-Page http://www.sherlock-holmes.org.uk/Radio/1952-69_Carleton_Hobbs_and_Norman_Shelley.htm
MP3 Files for many of the stories are now available on this site.
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