VV341 - The Valley of Fear
Edward Petherbridge & David Peart (1991-1993)
An Independent Radio Drama Productions Ltd, Production for USA on National Public Radio.
Starring Edward Petherbridge as Sherlock Holmes & David Peart as Dr. John H Watson
Dramatised and Directed by Tim Crook & Richard Shannon
13 Episodes are know to have been recorded.
Ref Title Date HB Reference
C21530 A Study in Scarlet 29-Sep-91 IRDP-1 (6 Parts)
C21531 The Valley of Fear 07-Mar-93 IRDP-2 (9 Parts)
C21532 The Five Orange Pips Jan 15 IRDP-3 (2 Parts)
C21533 The Man with the Twisted Lip Jan 29 IRDP-4 (2 Parts)
C21534 Silver Blaze Feb 12 IRDP-5 (2 Parts)
C21535 The Greek Interpreter Feb 26 IRDP-6 (2 Parts)
C21536 A Scandal in Bohemia Mar 12 IRDP-7 (2 Parts)
C21537 The Blue Carbuncle Mar 26 IRDP-8 (2 Parts)
C21538 The Speckled Band Apr 9 IRDP-9 (2 Parts)
C21539 The Bruce-Partington Plans Apr 23 IRDP-10 (2 Parts)
C21540 The Noble Bachelor May 7 IRDP-11 (2 Parts)
C21541 The Six Napoleons May 21 IRDP-12 (2 Parts)
C21542 The Hound of the Baskervilles ? IRDP-13 (6 Parts)
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