VV341 The Valley of Fear
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
US Radio Broadcasts
CBS Mystery Theatre
Starring Kevin McCarthy as Sherlock Holmes &
Cort Benson as Dr John H Watson
Announcer:  EG Marshall
Kevin McCarthy & Cort Benson performed 11 Episodes together.
It would appear that all were canonical.
 Ref  Title Date
 C15701  The Hound of the Baskervilles 1-Mar-77
 C15702  The Sign of Four 8-Mar-77
 C15703  A Study in Scarlet  25-Mar-77
 C15704  The Red-Headed League 26-Apr-77
 C15705  The Boscombe Valley Mystery 31-May-77
 C15706  The Speckled Band 28-Jun-77
 C15707  A Scandal in Bohemia 11-Jul-77
 C15708  The Blue Carbuncle 25-Jul-77
 C15709  The Beryl Coronet 7-Oct-77
 C15710  A Case of Identity 28-Oct-77
 C15711  The Gloria Scott 14-Nov-77