VV341 - The Valley of Fear
The MP3 Exchange Collection
The following are recordings of current unavailable episodes I have obtained over many years.
These are offered purely on an exchange basis for further missing episodes that are not publicly available.
No money is to change hands and only serious collectors should contact me.
If any of these episodes become publically available, please inform me and
I will remove them from this site immediately and post a link to the official sellers site.
The Missing Episodes
MP3-CD1 Carleton Hobbs & Norman Shelley (1952-1969)
MP3-CD2 Robert Hardy & Nigel Stock (1970-1)
MP3-CD3 The Miscellaneous Long Stories
MP3-CD4 Barry Foster & David Buck (1978)
MP3-CD5 Roy Marsden & John Moffatt (1987) - Being transferred to MP3
Quality Ratings :
5 = Perfect - Usually taken from a published cassettes
4 = Best Broadcast Quality - Either taken from full VHF clear signal recordings or from LPs
3 = Good Quality - good recordings, but may have noticable hiss and occassional pops
2 = OK - May have defects, but is listenable without difficulty
1 = Poor - Listenable with difficulty - Only used where no other copy is available anywhere else.
MP3-CD1 Carleton Hobbs & Norman Shelley (1952-1969)
This is my own collection and was recorded in 1974 from the BBC World
Service whilst in New Zealand.
Code Title HB Collection Ref Quality Rating
C20611 The Man with the Twisted Lip C20611 3-4
C20612 The Beryl Coronet C20612 4
C20622 The Engineer's Thumb C20622 4
C20624 The Valley of Fear C20624 3-4
C20625 Black Peter C20625 4
C20626 The Hound of the Baskervilles C20626 4
C20627 The Empty House C20627 4
C20629 The Resident Patient C20629 4
C20630 Charles Augustus Milverton C20630 4
C20633 The Priory School C20633 4
C20637 The Golden Pince-Nez C20637 4
C20639 The Abbey Grange C20639 4
C20646 The Solitary Cyclist C20646 4
C20647 The Bruce-Partington Plans C20647 4
C20649 The Norwood Builder C20649 4
C20654 A Scandal in Bohemia C20654 4
C20660 The Dying Detective C20660 4
C20662 The Final Problem C20662 4
C20658 The Crooked Man (Poor recording but it's the only one) C20658 1 (Just listenable)
(Thanks to Bob Ryder for "The Crooked Man")
MP3-CD2 Robert Hardy & Nigel Stock (1970-1)
Discourses Records produced and published these stories direct to Record for sale.
I have now obtained the original records, follow the above link for more details.
Anvil Cassettes (last known at 4 Reed's Corner, Marlborough, Wilts SN8 2RR) used
to produce excellent recordings of these, whether they still do is unknown. I obtained
my copies in 1990.
Ref Title Programme Series Quality
C20901 The Speckled Band ANV641-1 5
C20902 The Blue Carbuncle ANV641-2 5
C20903 Charles Augustus Milverton ANV642-1 5
C20904 Black Peter ANV642-2 5
C20905 The Norwood Builder ANV643-1 5
C20906 The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax ANV643-2 5
C20907 Shoscombe Old Place ANV644-1 4
C20908 The Illustrious Client ANV644-2 4
MP3-CD3 The Miscellaneous Long Stories
Ref Title Programme Series Quality
C20701 A Study in Scarlet (BBC Published Cassette) Robert Powell & Dinsdale Landen 5
C20707 The Valley of Fear (BBC Broadcast) Tim Pigott-Smith & Andrew Hilton 3-4
C20711 The Hound of the Baskervilles (BBC Broadcast) Roger Rees & Crawford Logan 4
C20717 The Hound of the Baskervilles (Collins-Caedmon Cassttes) Nicol Williamson & George Rose 5
MP3-CD4 Barry Foster & David Buck (1978)
A BBC full dramatisation - starring Barry Foster as Sherlock Holmes & David Buck as Dr John H Watson.
13 Episodes were recorded at the BBC's Birmingham Studio's in Stereo, as follows:-
(Thanks to Marcin Borowski for finding most of these for me)
Ref Title Programme Series Quality
C20684 The Red-Headed League BBC Radio 4 (No. 1) 1 (Poor Recording)
C20685 The Musgrave Ritual BBC Radio 4 (No. 2) 2-3
C20686 Silver Blaze BBC Radio 4 (No. 3) 3
C20687 The Naval Treaty BBC Radio 4 (No. 4) 4 Stereo
C20688 The Priory School BBC Radio 4 (No. 5) 4 Stereo
C20689 Charles Augustus Milverton BBC Radio 4 (No. 6) 3
C20690 The Copper Beeches BBC Radio 4 (No. 7) 4 Stereo
C20691 The Blue Carbuncle BBC Radio 4 (No. 8) 3
C20692 The Reigate Squires BBC Radio 4 (No. 9) 4 Stereo
C20693 The Solitary Cyclist BBC Radio 4 (No. 10) 4 Stereo
C20694 The Six Napoleons BBC Radio 4 (No. 11) 4 Stereo
C20695 The Abbey Grange BBC Radio 4 (No. 12) 4 Stereo
C20696 The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax BBC Radio 4 (No. 13) 3
MP3-CD5 Roy Marsden & John Moffatt (1987)
A Daedalus Productions full dramatisation - starring Roy Marsden as Sherlock Holmes
& John Moffatt as Dr John H Watson.
The Talking Tape Company - Last known address (1991)
The Talking Tape Company Ltd
Unit 11 Shaftesbury Industrial Estate
The Runnings
GL51 9NH
Dramatised by Grant Eustace & Directed by Michael Bartlett for Daedalus Productions.
Music written by Joss Sanglier & played by Joss Sanglier & Elizabeth Fellows.
24 Episodes were recorded for British Airways as follows:-
Ref Title Programme Series Quality
C21500 The Priory School TTC2001-1 5
C21501 The Second Stain TTC2001-2 5
C21502 Charles Augustus Milverton TTC2001-3 5
C21503 The Boscombe Valley Mystery TTC2001-4 5
C21504 The Six Napoleons TTC2002-1 5
C21505 The Abbey Grange TTC2002-2 5
C21506 The Norwood Builder TTC2002-3 5
C21507 The Naval Treaty TTC2002-4 5
C21508 The Red-Headed League TTC2003-1 5
C21509 The Solitary Cyclist TTC2003-2 5
C21510 A Scandal in Bohemia TTC2003-3 5
C21511 The Blue Carbuncle TTC2003-4 5
C21512 The Speckled Band TTC2004-1 5
C21513 Black Peter TTC2004-2 5
C21514 The Golden Pince-Nez TTC2004-3 5
C21515 The Man with the Twisted Lip TTC2004-4 5
C21516 The Copper Beeches TTC2005-1 5
C21517 The Engineer's Thumb TTC2005-2 5
C21518 The Sussex Vampire TTC2005-3 5
C21519 Shoscombe Old Place TTC2005-4 5
C21520 The Devil's Foot TTC2006-1 5
C21521 The Bruce-Partington Plans TTC2006-2 5
C21522 The Cardboard Box TTC2006-3 5
C21523 Thor Bridge TTC2006-4 5
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