VV341 - The Valley of Fear
Robert Langford & Kenneth Baker (1967)
A South African Broadcasting Corporation Series
Starring Robert Langford as Sherlock Holmes & Kenneth Baker as Dr. John H Watson
Dramatised by Micheal Hardwick, probably using the same scripts as for the Hobbs/Shelley Shows.
9 Episodes are know to have been recorded.
Ref Title Date
C21100 The Sussex Vampire 03-Jul-67
C21101 The Retired Colourman 10-Jul-67
C21102 The Three Gables 17-Jul-67
C21103 The Illustrious Client 24-Jul-67
C21104 The Copper Beeches 31-Jul-67
C21105 The Noble Bachelor 07-Aug-67
C21106 The Blanched Soldier 14-Aug-67
C21107 The Reigate Squires 21-Aug-67
C21108 Thor Bridge 28-Aug-67
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