VV341 - The Valley of Fear
Roy Marsden & John Moffatt (1987)
A Daedalus Productions full dramatisation - starring Roy Marsden as Sherlock Holmes
& John Moffatt as Dr John H Watson.
Dramatised by Grant Eustace & Directed by Michael Bartlett for Daedalus Productions.
Music written by Joss Sanglier & played by Joss Sanglier & Elizabeth Fellows.
24 Episodes were recorded for British Airways and then direct to cassestte as follows:-
Ref Title Date Programme Series
C21500 The Priory School 1987 TTC2001-1
C21501 The Second Stain 1987 TTC2001-2
C21502 Charles Augustus Milverton 1987 TTC2001-3
C21503 The Boscombe Valley Mystery 1987 TTC2001-4
C21504 The Six Napoleons 1987 TTC2002-1
C21505 The Abbey Grange 1987 TTC2002-2
C21506 The Norwood Builder 1987 TTC2002-3
C21507 The Naval Treaty 1987 TTC2002-4
C21508 The Red-Headed League 1987 TTC2003-1
C21509 The Solitary Cyclist 1987 TTC2003-2
C21510 A Scandal in Bohemia 1987 TTC2003-3
C21511 The Blue Carbuncle 1987 TTC2003-4
C21512 The Speckled Band 1987 TTC2004-1
C21513 Black Peter 1987 TTC2004-2
C21514 The Golden Pince-Nez 1987 TTC2004-3
C21515 The Man with the Twisted Lip 1987 TTC2004-4
C21516 The Copper Beeches 1987 TTC2005-1
C21517 The Engineer's Thumb 1987 TTC2005-2
C21518 The Sussex Vampire 1987 TTC2005-3
C21519 Shoscombe Old Place 1987 TTC2005-4
C21520 The Devil's Foot 1987 TTC2006-1
C21521 The Bruce-Partington Plans 1987 TTC2006-2
C21522 The Cardboard Box 1987 TTC2006-3
C21523 Thor Bridge 1987 TTC2006-4
The Talking Tape Company - Last known address (1991)
The Talking Tape Company Ltd
Unit 11 Shaftesbury Industrial Estate
The Runnings
GL51 9NH
Ref: ISBN's
TTC2001 1-872520-94-4
TTC2002 1-872520-95-2
TTC2003 1-872520-96-0
TTC2004 1-872520-97-9
TTC2005 1-872520-98-7
TTC2006 1-872520-99-5
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