VV341 - The Valley of Fear
C20701 - Robert Powell & Dinsdale Landen - A Study in Scarlet
A BBC full dramatisation - starring Robert Powell as Sherlock Holmes & Dinsdale Landen as Dr John H Watson.
This was a one-off programme, dramatised by Michael Hardwick and directed by Roger Pine.
Characters Cast
Sherlock Holmes Robert Powell
Dr John H Watson Dinsdale Landen
Inspector Gregson Frederick Treves
Inspector Lestrade John Hollis
Jefferson Hope Don Fellows
PC Rance John Samson
Madame Charpentier Madi Hedd
Alice Charpentier Carole Boyd
Mrs Sawyer Nigel Lambert
Stangerson Peter Whitman
Commissionaire Alan Dudley
Violinist Lionel Bentley
I have the original BBC Plays on Tape recording of this episode. Reference ZCF501
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