VV341 The Valley of Fear
The Second Holmes
BBC Radio 4 - 1983
Starring Peter Egan as Stamford Holmes &
Jeremy Nicholas as Dr Watson
Written by Grant Eustace
Produced by Paul Mayhew-Archer
SECOND HOLMES was a series of six shows brought to radio by the
British Broadcasting Corporation in early 1983.  These were humorous
cases of detective Stamford Holmes, the grandson of Sherlock Holmes (???),
played by Peter Egan and his counterpart, Dr. Watson, the grandson
of Sherlock Holmes's companion, played by Jeremy Nicholas.
Stamford Holmes is a reluctant consulting detective in a modern age
where the crimes are mundane, not offering challenge.  Although he
has his grandfather's ability to see detail and use them to arrive
at conclusions, he gets quickly bored by his cases.  Were it not for
Dr. Watson pushing and prodding him, Holmes would be off on some other
enterprise.  Watson is more the romantic, longing to participate in
detective adventures of the days of grandfather, believing the cases
at hand will prove Holmes' worth.
 Ref  Title Date
 C38301  The Case of the Grandfather's Client 03 Jan 1983
 C38302  The Case of the Maltese Pearls 09 Jan 1983
 C38303  The Case of the Reading Undertaker 16 Jan 1983
 C38304  The Case of the Shadowed Minister       23 Jan 1983
 C38305  The Case of the Neglected Farm 30 Jan 1983
 C38306  The Case of the Missing Link 06 Feb 1983