VV341 - The Valley of Fear
The BBC Presented - Carleton Hobbs as Sherlock Holmes & Norman Shelley as Dr John H Watson
 Jerry Haendiges - Vintage Radio Log
Code Title Vintage Radio Log Ref:
C20642 A Study in Scarlet 7206-A1-3
C20643 The Sign of the Four 7206-B1-3
C20624 The Valley of Fear 7206-C1-3
C20626 The Hound of the Baskervilles 7206-D1-3
C20622 The Engineer's Thumb 7207-A1
C20615 The Noble Bachelor 7207-A2
C20612 The Beryl Coronet 7207-B1
C20614 The Copper Beeches 7207-B2
C20635 Silver Blaze 7207-C1
C20617 The Stockbroker's Clerk 7207-C2
C20628 The Reigate Squires 7207-D1
C20629 The Resident Patient 7207-D2
C20633 The Priory School 7208-A1
C20625 Black Peter 7208-A2
C20665 Black Peter 7208-A2
C20630 Charles Augustus Milverton 7208-B1
C20656 The Six Napoleons 7208-B2
C20637 The Golden Pince-Nez 7208-C1
C20638 The Missing Three-Quarter 7208-C2
C20639 The Abbey Grange 7208-D1
C20644 The Abbey Grange 7208-D1
C20661 The Second Stain 7208-D2
C20619 The Greek Interpreter 7209-A1
C20662 The Final Problem 7209-A2
C20627 The Empty House 7209-B1
C20649 The Norwood Builder 7209-B2
C20646 The Solitary Cyclist 7209-C1
C20592 The Man Who Was Sherlock Holmes 7360-A1
C20667 The Lion's Mane 7360-A2
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